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The Encore Family has always adhered to Four Basic Rules: Show up on time. Do what you say. Finish what you start. And always say please and thank you. It's a simple philosophy — and it's one that we employ at every level of our organization.

If you actions are guided by a similar philosophy, and you're an enthusiastic, skilled individual with experience or interest in the Home Building industry, then Encore Master Builder offers unique career opportunities in Construction, Sales, Marketing, and Administration.

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Encore Master Builder is not currently looking to fill any positions, but we still welcome the submission of resumes and job inquiries. See "How to Apply" below.

HOW TO APPLY If you have any questions or want to know more about the opportunities currently available at Encore Master Builder, please contact us directly. Resumes can be emailed (with cover letter) to:
  >>  info@encorehomes.ca.

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