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Wondering about Wireless?

Posted by:  Keith Gibbons (I.T. Specialist)

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You're likely reading this article because you're considering a multiroom audio system. You probably know there are hard-wired and wireless systems and most of them have multi-source capabilities. Perhaps you're even thinking about hiring a professional contractor to install a system for you. Well, think no more – think simple – think Sonos.

What is Sonos? ...

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Dealing with Jack Frost

Posted by:  Simon Paquette (Service Manager)

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When condensation appears on your windows during the winter months, the immediate thought is that the window performance is inadequate or that the window has been installed improperly. In reality, the culprit is usually too much humidity. Interior surface moisture can appear on many different cool surfaces in your home, such as toilet tanks, cold water pipes, door hinges, and windows.

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