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Verte Homesteader

(Edmonton North)

Verte Homesteader Nestled in the heart of mature Homesteader (Edmonton North), the Community of Verte brings fresh perspective and a new approach to urban living.

A True Infill Story
Infill development focuses on enhancing existing communities to leverage their best features and amenities while refreshing homes, structures, and infrastructure to support future growth.

As a true infill development, Verte offers an amazing opportunity to live in a brand new home set against the backdrop of a well-rooted community. Surrounded by unprecedented amenities, we're renovating the community with fresh perspective and exciting change.

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Current ListingsWe have an inventory of Quick Possession Homes in this community — already under construction (or nearing completion) — and available for immediate purchase.

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(Edmonton North)
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Verte Homesteader
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